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Breaking News: Saudi Arabia’s Motion to Dismiss Denied

We are very pleased to report that Judge Daniels denied Saudi Arabia’s motion to dismiss and ruled that the plaintiffs may conduct limited jurisdictional discovery of the Kingdom.

This is a historic decision and opens the door for us to proceed with our key claims under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. Specifically, the Court held that we are entitled to obtain discovery concerning our allegations that senior Saudi government officials directed two Saudi government agents in California to provide assistance to some of the 9/11 hijackers.

In his 41 page opinion, Judge Daniels also dismissed plaintiffs’ claims against the Saudi High Commission and limited certain claims that we made against Saudi Arabia.

You can read the order by clicking this link.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter.

Michael Barasch

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    Excellent Make The Bastards Pay !
    How many Familes were destroyed 911!

    Thanks for the updates and I love good news and thanks for all the hard work you do,

    Thanks for all you do for all of us…you persistence and diligence is very commendable. Happy Holidays to you all

    Michael, Thank you for your continued pursuit of this case! Wishing you much success with the case going foward.

    Your firm has always been their for me And my family thank you jim redmond

    Thank You Michael Barasch I Highly Appreciate You And Your Firm Keeping Me Updated And Well Informed .

    Thank You Michael Barasch I Highly Appreciate You And Your Firm Keeping Me Updated And And Well Informed On The Proceedings Of This Case..

    Thanks for the hard work you and your associate are doing for us. Have a happy Easter you and your staff

    Mr. Barasch, thank you for keeping me & the other 1st responders updated. Being accepted by your firm I was able to receive VCF compensation & continued medical care. I hope you & your firm have a great weekend. EMS Deputy Chief John Lazzaro City of New York Fire Department (ret.)

    Thanks, keep up the great work. Regards to Nick Cifuni.

    HI Micheal
    Happy Passover
    albert mizrach

    Hey, from Jose Agron thanks for this great news. May you All have blessed weekend!!!!!!

    I just want to thank you for doing your thing for us who are not able to.

    Wonderful, l stopped looking and wondering, how many first responders and civilians are suffering and dying. We and our families should be compensated. Saudi Arabia is an oppressive state and are complicit and as guilty as the criminals that flew those those planes into the twin towers!

    that’s great news keep up the good work and proceed with the best judgement you possibly can a lot of us depend on you and trust that you can do what’s best for everyone thank you again

    I am very happy to hear that Judge Daniels has denied Saudi Arabia’s motion to dismiss

    Great news keep up the good, my family and I greatly aprriciated your help,,

    Thank You for the update and I would like to Thank GOD, Judge Daniels, also Mr. Michael Barasch and Staff and wishing everyone a Happy Easter as well..

    Mike great job. You are a great man. And very professional staff. Without you this all couldn’t be possible.. thanks for help. And care.

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