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Medical Monitoring and Healthcare for WTC Victims

Addressing the ongoing health issues of WTC attack victims

Unfortunately, the disaster created by the WTC collapse did not end when the last bit of debris was carted off to Fresh Kills and the rebuilding officially began. For many people who worked on or near a WTC site, their daily struggles with WTC-related cancers, other illnesses and injuries continue. The James L. Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 took two major steps to help those injured or made ill through exposure to toxic waste from the WTC collapse. The Zadroga Bill reopened the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund to provide financial compensation to people with qualifying illnesses and injuries. It also created and funded the World Trade Center Health Program to continue and improve medical testing, treatment and monitoring for people whose health suffered because of exposure to WTC toxins.

Conditions covered by the WTC Health Program

The WTC Health Program covers all of the physical conditions eligible for WTC settlement payments from the Victim Compensation Fund. But, whereas the VCF covers only physical injuries, the Health Program also provides screening and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, as well as substance abuse disorders, even if these mental health conditions are not accompanied by any physical symptoms.

Services available through the WTC Health Program

If you qualify, the WTC Health Program will provide medical monitoring and treatment for WTC-related conditions. As long as you use WTC Health Program-approved medical providers for medical evaluations and treatments and approved pharmacies to fill any prescriptions, there will be no cost to you. The WTC Health Program will provide all care required to treat covered 9/11-related health conditions.

The WTC Health Program also provides ongoing medical monitoring for responders and survivors who were exposed to WTC toxins after the towers collapsed but who are not currently experiencing health problems. These exams are free, and while not required, may provide important benefits:

  • Medical monitoring exams may detect subtle changes you are not aware of that can be treated or slowed with early intervention.
  • Measuring health status over time helps identify any worrisome trends.
  • Information gathered about 9/11 responders will help protect workers in future emergency or disaster operations.

You can and should continue to see your regular doctor while receiving care through the WTC Health Program, as the program only covers care provided by approved doctors for WTC-related health conditions. For regular check-ups and for treatment of other illnesses or injuries, you will need to see your regular physician.

Participating in the WTC Health Program and eligibility for WTC settlement payments

Receiving care and medical monitoring from the WTC Health Program will not detrimentally affect your eligibility for compensation under the reopened September 11 Victim Compensation Fund. If you have any questions or concerns, the experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys at Barasch & McGarry would like to help you sort them out and get you the best healthcare and financial compensation available.

Barasch & McGarry — helping set things right

The seasoned personal injury attorneys at Barasch & McGarry have recovered more money from the Victim Compensation Fund for their injured clients than any other law firm. We can help you prove your eligibility and maximize your WTC settlement while minimizing delay, frustration and aggravation. Please contact us online or by phone at 888.351.9421 to discuss your eligibility for Zadroga Act benefits and how to begin the application process.

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