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James Zadroga — One of Many American Heroes

A legacy of bravery and service to others

When Congress proposed a bill to extend medical and compensation benefits to those involved in rescue operations and cleanup following the 9/11 attacks, it did so with people like James Zadroga in mind. While the initial attacks and rescue operations took an awful toll on New York City’s police and firefighters, thousands of Ground Zero workers began to experience severe respiratory ailments in the months and years that followed. The attorneys of Barasch & McGarry have represented many of these victims of chronic ailments stemming from toxic exposure at Ground Zero. Our goal is to help these victims and their families gain some degree of financial security in the wake of their losses.

James Zadroga’s story

In 2001, James Zadroga was a decorated New York City Police Detective who served more than 450 hours at Ground Zero during rescue and cleanup operations. Soon after, Detective Zadroga developed a chronic cough, breathing trouble, acid reflux, and frequent headaches. In 2002, James reported his injury to the NYPD, but his claim was denied.

He continued to report for duty, but within months was bedridden and reliant on an oxygen tank to breathe. Despite the continued deterioration of his health, doctors were unable to effectively diagnose or treat his condition. While he eventually did qualify for disability pension payments, the loss of income led to financial strains. In 2003, he was finally diagnosed with Black Lung Disease. He passed away in 2009 at the age of 34, leaving behind a 4-year-old daughter.

James Zadroga’s legacy

Treatment came too late for Detective James Zadroga. When he became a client of Barasch & McGarry, we advocated on his behalf and on behalf of the thousands of others like him — dedicated public servants and others who fell through the cracks following the 9/11 attacks. His story eventually led to the law that bears his name. The James L. Zadroga Health and Compensation Act of 2010 reopened the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and provides for medical treatment and compensation for the thousands who suffered the delayed consequences of chemical exposure at Ground Zero.

Barasch & McGarry — helping set things right

As WTC lawyers, we want to help those involved in the cleanup and recovery efforts get the medical treatment they need and the compensation they deserve. We understand the requirements of the Zadroga Act and can help you gather the necessary documents to submit your claim. While we know that no amount of money could ever make up for your pain and losses, we strongly believe that everyone injured, made ill or bereaved by the catastrophe of September 11 should receive as much financial support as possible. Please contact us online or by phone at 888.351.9421 to determine eligibility for WTC compensation or to start the process of applying for James L. Zadroga Act benefits.

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