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asbestos exposure

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    Firefighters and Mesothelioma: Four Important Questions to Answer

    By Devin Golden

    Firefighters risk their lives daily to help save others from danger. They bravely run into harm’s way while others flee in the opposite direction. This selfless act defines their profession. Another part of the profession — that often isn’t so obvious — is their risk of developing mesothelioma. Almost all buildings — both residential and […]

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  • Doctor Outlines Medical Conditions Linked to WTC Exposure

    9/11 Injuries

    Doctor Outlines Medical Conditions Linked to WTC Exposure

    By Michael Barasch

    More than 18 years after September 11, 2001, the number of victims and the range of afflictions linked to the World Trade Center attacks grow. Asbestos, chemicals from building materials, smoke and other potentially dangerous substances were ejected from Ground Zero for months following the fall of the Twin Towers. As a result, people who […]

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  • 9/11 Injuries

    Yes, World Trade Center (WTC) Dust Contained Asbestos

    By Michael Barasch

    In the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001, the clouds of dust created an unforgettable image of horror, destruction and death. Buildings that had defined the New York City skyline for decades were gone, with something truly sinister replacing them. First responders, neighbors and those lucky […]

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