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9/11 InjuriesVictim Compensation Fund

9/11 Victim Compensation Fund: Still waiting after 15 years

August 24, 2016 | Michael Barasch

Mike Barasch, managing partner of Barasch & McGarry, attorneys for the Zadroga Family, as well as thousands of other 9/11 sick first responders, local residents and workers, commented that “I’m delighted to see that the Dept. of Justice has finally begun to pay Group B awards, but I agree with Mr. Zahn that the process has been way too slow. For, for the 6,000 cancer victims in the WTC Health Program, including our 2,000 clients, the Government’s failure to reauthorize the Zadroga Act sooner was cruel. We will continue to fight to make sure that the 9/11 community receives the justice it deserves and that the Zadroga Act is extended longer than 2020.”

Read the full article: 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund: Still waiting after 15 years (Anna Sanders, Staten Island Advance, August 22, 2016)

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