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An Important First Step: Enrolling in the Health Program

December 18, 2023 | Michael Barasch

Enrollment in the World Trade Center Health Program is a critical early step in assessing the eligibility of 9/11 victims. Therefore, the first order of business for all clients is to enroll in the Health Program as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get the health care you need and compensation you deserve.

“Certification” of an illness by the Health Program is a formal recognition that a physical illness was caused by exposure to 9/11 toxins. It is a prerequisite to receiving free health care for that illness. It is also a prerequisite, in most cases, to monetary compensation from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

Barasch & McGarry has created a dedicated WTC Health Program enrollment team. It is comprised of a dozen people, including nurses who used to work in the WTC’s national health program. Our team will support you through the enrollment and certification process. The team also includes lawyers and administrators dedicated to helping clients get their certification letters as quickly as possible.

Our three nurses play an especially important role. They are deeply knowledgeable about the process for enrollment and the requirements for successful certification.

The Health Program nurses step in when a client’s medical picture is complex and requires an expert to substantiate a 9/11 diagnosis, or highlight medical records that demonstrate the severity of a condition or the chain of medical events that lead to an illness or death. For example, a fatal infection may be a conse-quence of cancer or cancer treatment. While the death certificate might not list cancer as a cause of death, the nurses can explain the medical proof that establishes the connection.

Barasch & McGarry nurses support the WTC Health Program enrollment team by reviewing medical records, preparing enrollment applications, preparing clients for their WTC Health Program medical appointment, and guiding clients through the process until they are successfully certified.

Get the Help You Deserve

  • Health Check — Skin cancer is the most common cancer affecting 9/11 victims. Schedule an annual appointment with a dermatologist for a full body skin check and schedule any other screenings you may need, such as mammograms and prostate exams.
  • Return Sign-Up Kit and Secure Your Proof of Presence — If you are a new client, please send your sign-up kit back to us so we can begin working on your case even if you are currently healthy. We will contact your witnesses and help them prepare affidavits on your behalf.
  • Keep Your Claim Up to Date — Notify your claims administrator if you have a new illness that could be 9/11-related. You never waive your rights if, God forbid, you are diagnosed with a new 9/11 illness.
  • Be Each Other’s Advocate — Spread the word about the VCF and the WTCHP. Go to to provide contact information of family or friends who would like our help. A member of our legal team will reach out to them.

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