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An Important New Year Message from Barasch & McGarry

December 26, 2019 | Michael Barasch

This is our 18th holiday season since that horrific Tuesday morning changed all of our lives. It is never an easy time. Tragically, more than 2,300 people have died due to their World Trade Center exposure. Those battling serious illnesses, and the families that must go on without their loved one are always foremost on our minds.

As a firm, we mourn the loss of co-workers, the parents of several of our staff, our friends, and hundreds of our clients. We renew our commitment to support the loved ones they left behind, and to live each day with them in our hearts.

We are proud to have helped over 15,000 responders and survivors in the 9/11 community. We do so with dedication and compassion, and with an overriding sense of mission to ensure that every person in our community gets the health care and compensation they need and deserve.

There is reason to be hopeful. This year, we achieved a monumental victory. The government recognized our nation’s obligation to stand by us, by fully funding the Victim Compensation Fund. It will serve the 9/11 community for the next 70 years, as will the WTC Health Program.

The strength and unity of the 9/11 community is ever present. Throughout these 18 years, you have helped us to shine a light on this health crisis in big and small ways, by sharing information, by reaching out to family and friends, by showing up to events, and by supporting one another through it all.

Barasch & McGarry will continue to lead by example. The WTC Health Program and the VCF will be there for you for the next 70 years, and our firm will fight for you every step of the way. It is our honor to represent you.

We wish you a peaceful New Year, and we remind you that we are always here for you.

With sincere respect and warm regards,

Mike Barasch and the Attorneys & Staff at Barasch & McGarry

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157 replies on “An Important New Year Message from Barasch & McGarry”

The work you are doing Michael for us is so vital for our mind body and spirit. The support and helping us in our time of need is a blessing beyond measure.
Happy New Year to you and all at Barasch & McGarry Law Firm. God bless you all.

I truly appreciate your efforts to help me and my family with all I still suffer with , and the unknown, Mike Mendez has been wonderful in helping me along with my questions and my uncertainty, I pray we all Reap the benefits of medical care, as well as monetary provisions made to those and their families that have suffered ,And will continue to suffer and hopefully cure from the existing ailments.thanks again for your concern and empathy

My name is carlos a morales and I was a responder during 911. I want to thank you for being there for me during this time. I wish you and everyone who’s helped all responders a healthy and wonderful new year. Thank you again.

As always, my hart, & Respect go’s out
2 you , & your firm for always having our
backs. !!! As a F.D.N.Y. Firefighter I’m honored to have You, & Your firm representing me, & my FAMILY in the times we face ahead. PLEASE wish all with the firm, a HEALTHY, HAPPY-NEW
Retired Firefighter, Frank Esposito.

Thank you MiKe, and all of your partners and support staff. The WTCHP/LHI just a couple of days ago stepped up and approved a PET Scan that my doctor ordered and my primary insurance denied!! I’m certain that if it weren’t for all the work you’ve done for us this wouldn’t have happened.
Happy New Year to ALL of Us!!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in ensuring that our health and welfare is protected for the 70 years. Even though we suffer every day with the after effects of our exposures, it is reassuring that our rights and health care is protected as we continue this fight for survival. Have a blessed New Year.

Thank you and your firm for your steadfast commitment to us first responders and the families you’ve helped. I have just turned 60 and have already lost 3 associates who were coworkers and first responders. I also have friends who’ve suffered terrible cancers resulting in life-style changes forever. I appreciate what your firm is doing for us. We never realized how toxic the atmosphere was at ground zero but in spite of it I’m sure other first responders feel the same as I do. If it means saving lives we’d do it again. Thank you for appreciating us and our sacrifice. Have a blessed 2020.

The people at your firm that have helped my mother have been a blessing. And I thank you and them for all your efforts. Unfortunately she is fighting her own cancer battle now. Your firm has been a godsend to her thank you so much

Wishing everyone, especially my fellow retired and active police officers, happy holidays and a very peaceful new years, and naturally thanks to everyone at Barasch & McGarry for standing by us and working with us.

Thank you for helping me out, I had no idea that I was certified and almost shredded it. I wish you and your firms families a Merry and Happy New Year. I will call and let you know of a few interesting things going on with me and the WTC Medical Monitory Program..

Thank you for all you have done for us . My husband and I appreciate your hard work fighting for the firefighters . No one knows the burden cancer puts on a family. So many families had to walk in our shoes. We are lucky to survive, unfortunately so many didn’t. My husband battled cancer and so did I. I always think of my good friend Patti Graz. I know everyday she is heart broken after John passed. So many people lives were effected . Your hard work is remarkable. Thank you

I Thank God for You, Your People inside and outside of the Law Firm of Barasch & McGarry, Volunteers and Advocates Like John Feel & Others, who Like Him, In my opinion, are Modern Day Super-Heroes, and “Get It Done” . I am Eternally Grateful for all That You All do for The 911 Community. May Our God In Heaven, continue to Bless You All, and grant all of You Great Folks inextinguishable and inexhaustible Good Health, in order to “Fight The Good Fight”, for those of Us who’s Health is Uncertain at Best. Noemi and I wish all of you a Happy New Year.

It is good to know someone is fighting to help the first responders.I have lost several co workers and a large percent of us are suffering from various cancers. Keep up the good work I feel more hope knowing you are there for us.

Michael I served 18 years ago at ground zero. I was retired from my 28 years as a firefighter for 4 years when I helped out at ground zero. Last Jan I got the news that I had cancer in my colon, apendix and my urinary bladder all 911 related. After 9.5 hour surgery on Jan 18 and 6 months of chemo. My life has changed in more ways than I could explain. But your law firm has given me hope. I thank you for the good fight you fought. My future is in Gods hands. I did want to thank you and for your efforts to be recognized and appreciated. May you be blessed for all your continued efforts. Gerald Feola

Thank you so much for all the help and support that your firm has given yo all of us victims over th eff last 18 years and we look forward to all future assistance that we might need. Thanks Mike. God bless you and a happy new year.

Appreciate all the hard and dedicated work from all of you. Thank you for taking care of us so we may take care of our loved ones. The tragedy never ends and we will never forget those we lost, those we continue to lose , those who are sick and those who continue to help and fight for us all.

Good Morning to you all at the Barasch & McGrary Firm. I just want to say thanks for your unwavering dedication to me and the 9-11 community. I believe without you hard working attorneys and staff most of us would be like the tomb of the unknown soldier. Sometimes we may feel forgotten but all of you never let us feel alone for very long. You’re a part of my family as well as the 9-11 community. I don’t only want to thank all of you once again but I also want to WISH EVERYONE AT THE BARASCH & McGRARY FIRM A HEALTHY, SAFE, JOYOUS AND PRODUCTIVE NEW YEAR. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND THE 9-11 COMMUNITY THAT HAVE PASSED AND THE ONE’S STILL LIVING !!!

I thank you and the firm so much for the commitment to us Vitcim of the 9/11 families . May God continue to look over us and help first responders and survivors as we go through our illness and loss. Happy New Year to the firm be bless

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. May God bless you and your team for taking care of 911 community. The members and their loved ones have been through painful illnesses, loss and mental pressure. However, we know that you and your team provide peace of mind for all of us where needed the most.

Thank you for all YOU do for all of us! Your stag are compassionate, attentive and thorough. They follow up with paper work which is sometimes hard to obtain from other sources. They listen, show empathy and are patient.
I pray God blesses you with the strength to continue with us and that your families are blessed with health, peace and joy. Oh and thank you for your texts and updates.

As first responders people often come up to us and thank us for our service, but the thanking goes way beyond just us. On behalf of all first responders, I would like to express my gratitude to you and your firm for truly going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you for YOUR service to us. Your hard work in fighting for us all, is truly appreciated!

To everyone
Merry Christmas and a Great Happy Healthy New Year. Mike. We all thank you for everything you do. Your work has helped so many. Personally have sent you so many widows, that had nothing. We at DSNY had workers that just started days before. There wives would have gotten nothing if it was not for the help you gave me in helping them.
We are all forever Gratefull. Happy to call you a Friend
Thanks Mike

Mike, I cant begin to tell you how important you are for us. We are so blessed to have someone like you on our side. I just want to say thank you for all you have done for me and my family, that includes my FDNY family also. Still living with pain but with you by my side I know 2020 will be great. Happy holidays to you your family and your great staff. Thank you

Best wishes for a Healthy Happy New Year.
Your amazing work done for the last 18 years on behalf of All of our Brothers & their families ! You
remain in our thoughts and prayers Daily. May God Bless your Staff & all who have participated in the challenge to provide everlasting medical & spiritual
support to All in need. God Speed , my Friend !!

Your efforts on our behalf is most appreciated.May all of the employees of your firm have a Blessed and
Prosperous New Year.
Make your troubles be less
May your Blessings be more
And May nothing but Happiness
Come thru your door.

Searching for anyone who remembers seeing me volunteering & assisting the returning firefighters whose eyes needed irrigation at Engine 7 Ladder 1 Firehouse (Duane St., NYC) on 9-11. Later, late afternoon we (with Capt. Dennis Tardio) walked to Stuyvesant High School and set up an Emergency Command Post. I was in charge of medical supplies. You can see me in the 9-11 Documentary Video at 1:26:08-26 – fast forward to that point to see me in a black riders vest. I was diagnosed with cancer and need assistance. Please, if you can, contact the firefighters that I served that day and request they contact me or this law firm. 516 410.3748 Thank you.
Happy New Year …

Thank you again Mike for all the work you and your staff have done and continue to do for affected by loss of family, friends and illnesses. There are many untold hardships that we cope with. Your support is a huge relief knowing we have the best representation. Thank you and happy new year!

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