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Annals of Global Health Assess Response to the 9/11 Attacks

January 22, 2015 | Michael Barasch

Although it has been over 13 years since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the Annals of Global Health has recently released a case study in its most recent issue that focused on the response.

The case study identifies several elements that impacted the evolution of the 9/11 response on the health of those who were exposed to dust and debris in the wake of the attacks. In addition, it examined the health monitoring efforts and the scientific findings by the World Trade Center Health Program. The purpose of the study was to explore these experiences for the purpose of preparing for future disasters.

To conduct the study, researchers looked at the data collected by the World Trade Center Health Program, which has screened and treated more then 60,000 9/11 first responders and community members. This information proved invaluable for the Annals of Global Health case study as it illustrated the myriad of consequences that such a disaster can have on those exposed to it.

The Zadroga Act was recently renewed and this will provide further funding to treat individuals harmed by the environmental impact of 9/11. This is great news both for survivors of the attack who continue to be impacted by 9/11-related diseases, such as cancer, as well as those researching the effects of the attacks who will gain access to data regarding the long-term effects of such a disaster. By studying the health effects of a disaster as well as the community’s response to screening and treating those effects, we can better prepare for future disasters.

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