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I was honored to attend the annual FDNY memorial plaque dedication ceremony. Sadly, 17 of the 22 firefighters who died in the past year were my firm’s clients. We were honored to have represented them and we understand the enormous responsibility and privilege of now representing their families to ensure that they receive the justice they deserve.

Coincidentally, a new study was published today by the American Medical Assn linking long-term cardiovascular disease to the toxic exposure by firefighters who responded to the WTC disaster. Not surprisingly, firefighters who arrived first, and those who stayed the longest, have a 44% higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Dr. David Prezant, chief medical officer of the FDNY and lead author of the study, has urged every early responder to get checked out, even if they are healthy. We urge all individuals exposed early and/or often to get checked for heart disease.

Heart disease has not yet been linked to the WTC toxins by the WTC Health Program but we now have medical evidence to argue that it should be added. Rest assured, my firm will be fighting to get heart disease added so those exposed early on, both responders and survivors, can be covered. If you have any questions, please call us at 212-385-8000.

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    Thank you for that information as it likely applies to me since I had a heart attack in 2017.

    Thank you so much for your help and support in this very difficult journey. God Bless

    As a retired Port Authority Police Officer and for the past 2 years i’ve been receiving treatment for cardiac sarcoidosis as s result of my exposure I would like to thank Dr Prezant for his research study.

    That is very nice of you & your firm to keep me in the loop on things I really appreciate.

    I believe heart disease should be added because it is related to other etc illnesses I am on 3 high blood pressure medicines myself.

    Should be covered I had 2 stents 2011 spent first 2 weeks after attack on pile.

    Two years ago my cardiologist discovered two aneurysms on my aorta they weren’t there before I was in the recovery at ground 0 for six months you’re client

    I was diagnosed with A Fib. I needed two cardiac cats and from Bally a cardiac ablation to bring my heart back into sinus rhythm. Consequently I am on a variety of heart medications as a result. Are the toxins I was exposed to at the WTC suspected of causing this particular heart condition?

    I’m sorry to hear about your health conditions, Mike. We will keep you updated on whether they are linked to the 9/11 toxins.

    I am with your firm for 9/11 comp fund. I am retired FDNY. I have cardiovascular disease. Just wanted to let you know.

    I developed Heart disease in 2014 after 911 myself even though I exercise every day eat good healthy food and still I develop talk disease

    Hi I am very hopeful that heart disease is added for I never had any problems with severe anxiety and high blood pressure but throughout the past 7 years or so my blood pressure has skyrocketed even as I managed to change my diet I had stopped drinking alcohol and stopped smoking for almost 5 years but even with my diet change my numbers were off the roof. On my next physical I will make sure this is documented as well with the other anatomical and physiological problems that i’ve noticed have worsened. So I’m really thankful for the constant updates and I have full faith in your firms dedication to helping the families of those not here and the ones like myself that struggles everyday and have also become a statistic of the opioid crisis. May the Lord Bless All You Guys that are constantly aware that the tragedy happened 18 years ago in just a few days but the survivors like myself still have to go on with our daily lives and struggles to make it through the day everyday we’re blessed to wake up in the mornings. Keep up the fight as myself and others I know are doing on a daily basis. Our lives have changed dramatically but knowing that we have you and your firm on our side helps ease the reality that we gave so much and others everything and the city can’t even come to grips with the reality that we the survivors are still here and need help in overcoming the mental and physical problems we must face. That is why your firm is looked upon as our guardian angels and the voice for the ones that unfortunately are no longer with us. Let’s keep up the fight so that the deceased and the survivors of that tragedy will never be forgotten. May God Bless All Those Who Partook Action On That Horrible Day!!!

    In January 2018 I underwent heart surgery. There’s no doubt that that the upper respiratory and sleep apnea conditions I sustained as a result I my long term exposure to the toxic environment at the WTC disaster site played a significant role in me developing heart the problems which lead to the surgery. There is a correlation between many cardiac conditions responders are suffering from with the other WTC Health Program presumed conditions. I am extremely optimistic that someday the correlation will be made.
    Never Forget. I won’t.

    I pray that those who was there at that time is able to get the help they need.

    Thank you for this critical information. As always, I appreciate your compassion, tireless efforts and perseverance to fight for 9/11 First Responders and civilian victims who have passed and the many who are sadly suffering from the effects of that most horrific day in our history.
    I am extremely grateful to you and staff for your dedication to the 9/11 First Responder community. I will continue to forward your updates.
    God bless you and your staff.
    Deborah McLaughlin
    NYPD (Ret.)
    9/11 First Responder

    Neuropathy called Toxic neuropathy.A lot first responders have due toxicity toxins at 911 Some guys can’t even walk

    Thank you very much for your complete attention to the 911 victims It’s very reassuring to know that you have our best interest at heart

    Not that I want to hear this not so good news, but Thank you for the update and please continue to keep me in the loop. If this condition is added to the 911 Medical listing will there hopefully be additional compensation monies awarded to those who already received an award?

    Mike, I had 2 stents put in last year because my heart wasn’t getting enough oxygen . Interesting, isn’t it?

    Mike thx my name is Rich Smulczeski Lieutenant FDNY ret I was at WTC from 10:30 am on 9/11 to 8:30am on 9/12 and many days after I was retired from FDNY in 2012 on the heart bill: I had quadruple by-pass surgery, 4 heart stints in 2016 and treated with an ablation for irregular heart beats. I am in your program and was paid for barrettes esophagus. Please keep me informed as to heart disease inclusion. Thank you so much for what you and your associates are doing for firefighters and others with WTC related problems.

    Is there anything I need to do right now? I go for my yearly WTC check ups but wondering if there is anything else I should do?

    When are they going to connect Rheumatoid Arthris Lupus and Graves’ disease to the list

    Hello Mike, John Beck here one of your clients.
    Thank you for all you do for the WTC community. Hopefully like you said the WTC health program recognizes this condition. Because right now i have hypertension that they are not recognizing or paying for. All the Best

    I have an irregular heart beat iam told , can that have something to do with this I just have been told , iam a 911 first responder, and a member who has a case file With Barasch &Mcgarry

    Thank you Mike …..For a long time nowI have had heart issues like a lower than normal ejection fraction ( EF) and a slightly enlarged heart . I take a number of medications to control these problems and never realized it might be connected to my being on the pile at Ground Zero st the WTC .

    I am not a fireman and like a fire fighter o was there one hour after that happened .I developed hypertension and heart problem and heart surgery after 9/11 and sleep apnea and memory loss

    Please keep me updated with any new developments on this issue. I am currently being treated for coronary artery disease, that has been progressing since its on set in 2004. We were assigned to the WTC on the 1st Alarm. Thank you.

    Hi Mike, I am not surprised that science confirmed what I have experienced for several years already. I hade to go to the the NYU cardiologist and be checked for heart condition, take medication and now recently had an city scan done and I have an appointment to see a cardiologist again.

    Thanks Mike please keep me informed as I had to retire due too cardiovascular disease. Had to have a triple bypass

    Diagnosed in 2008 and had a stent put in. I was a first responder firefighter who worked at ground zero with Rescue 5 until the site was closed one year later

    Hi Gerard, please call us at 212-385-8000 and we’d be happy to assist you with the World Trade Center Health Program and Victim Compensation Fund.

    I am Happy that Congress passed or extended the cut-off time for the pay -out

    First Responder

    Hi Delores, please call us at 212-385-8000 and we’d be happy to assist you with the World Trade Center Health Program and Victim Compensation Fund.

Compensation available to residents and office workers, teachers and students – not just responders and volunteers
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  • "Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson handled everything professionally and with patience. They always had time to answer all my questions and did what they promised. Thanks esp to Brian Calamaris Lee London, and Mariya Atanasova. Thank you." - William Collins, FDNY

  • "If I could give them six stars I would...don't even bother talking to anyone else concerning 9/11. The whole team worked night and day to deliver an outstanding settlement. They are honest, hard working and extremely professional. Just make the one phone call and let them do the rest." - Les Margulis, resident in the exposure zone

  • "I had a very good experience with Michael and Mariya. They made the process stress free. I would recommend this firm to anyone seeking assistance with 9/11 related illnesses." - JE Kirwan, worked in the exposure zone

  • "The people at this firm were just great. They were concern with making sure I was taken care of in every way possible. When I was given an award Mr. Barasch didn't think it was a fair amount and appealed the decision which got me a larger award. I am very satisfied with everything they did for me in the past and are willing to do for me and my family in the future." - Bob Wiecezak, FDNY-Retired

  • "Excellent law firm. Lee London and his staff were very responsive and always followed up with phone calls or emails. This firm is a strong example of what caring and personable lawyers are all about." - Letitia Egan, wife of client, volunteer in the exposure zone

  • Deadline Extended to Register for Compensation

    There is still time to apply for significant compensation if you have been diagnosed with any of the 68 cancers that doctors at the WTC Health Program (WTCHP) have linked to the WTC toxic dust. The deadline to apply to the Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) is two years from the date that a cancer has been certified by the WTC Health Program — or any other governmental agency. The two-year period to register doesn’t start on the day of a cancer diagnosis. Rather, it starts only when a cancer survivor is made aware their cancer was linked to exposure to the WTC toxins.

    For those who died from their WTC-linked cancers, the two-year period for their family to register starts on the day of the death of the WTC victim.

    Register For Compensation

Please help spread the word about the strict two-year deadline to register a claim

Many people have tried to complete the VCF application on their own, only to learn that it requires answers to hundreds of questions and many documents to download. It would be our pleasure to help you complete the process in order to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to. Please call us for a free consultation.

Let a knowledgeable attorney help you figure it out

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying. You undoubtedly have questions about your disease and how you will pay for treatment. Lawyers at Barasch & McGarry ensure you understand the complex requirements and help devise the best strategies for obtaining compensation and appropriate medical care under the Zadroga Act. Contact our law firm online or call 888-351-9421. The initial consultation is free, so it costs you nothing to find out whether a lawyer can help.
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