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Breaking News: Pending Permanent Extension of the VCF Given New Name

July 8, 2019 | Michael Barasch

While we still wait for the Congressional Budget Office to announce the cost of the proposed bill, we are thrilled to report that sponsors of the pending legislation have added recently departed Detective Luis Alvarez and Firefighter Ray Pfeifer, deceased, to the name of the pending bill that would permanently extend and fully fund the Victim Compensation Fund.

Since September 2001, Barasch & McGarry has fought to make sure that the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund rules were changed to take care of responders who were sickened by the WTC Toxins. (The original rules mandated that claimants had to seek medical attention within 72 hours).

Starting in 2010 and again in 2015, we proudly walked the halls of Congress with union leaders and 9/11 advocates like John Feal and his tremendous team, to help pass and then extend the James Zadroga Health & Compensation Act. We are honored to have represented NYPD Detective James Zadroga, for whom the bill was named.

For the past 8 months, we have joined forces with 9/11 advocates such as Jon Stewart and Lila Nordstrom, the dedicated FealGood Foundation volunteers, and union leaders and members, once again advocating on behalf of the thousands of responders, downtown residents, office workers, students and teachers in the 9/11 community who continue to get sick and die from the deadly WTC toxins.

We have humbly marched the halls of Congress with brave people like our client FDNY’s Ray Pfeifer and NYPD’s Detective Luis Alvarez. Ray and Luis joined us at dozens of meetings with Representatives and Senators (in their last months, weeks and days), explaining why the VCF had to be permanently extended – not for themselves, but for thousands of others who would benefit long after they each passed away.

We are thrilled to hear that their selflessness is being recognized. The names “Pfeifer” and “Alvarez” will rightfully have the distinct honor of joining the name “Zadroga” on this long overdue and honorable legislation. As John Feal so eloquently stated, “Ray and Lou will join Jimmy on the Mount Rushmore of those who were instrumental in ensuring we passed legislation for the tens of thousands who continue to suffer everyday from that horrific Tuesday morning”.

Ray and Luis represent thousands of others who have passed as a result of 9/11 illnesses, as well as thousands of others who will tragically join them in the future. Their names and legacies will live in perpetuity as the very foundation of the “Never Forget the Heroes: James Zadroga, Ray Pfeifer, and Luis Alvarez Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act.”

Barasch & McGarry is proud of the role that we have played to support this endeavor. We pray that Congress passes this law without delay.

We will not stop fighting until Congress does the right thing and permanently extends the VCF.

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17 replies on “Breaking News: Pending Permanent Extension of the VCF Given New Name”

Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. I have been getting sicker as the past few years have gone by with sinus issues/surgery, esophagus deteriorating, and COPD that has gotten so bad in the past 6 months. I’m only 55 and really don’t think I’ll be around for another 5 years. My biggest worry is how my wife and family will get by when I’m gone. I’m not sure if it’s possible but will inquire about total disability. I was diagnosed with copd before I retired but did not apply for a disability pension. I am more than willing to help you and your team in any way that I can. Again, thank you for all that you do. BTW, your staff is amazing!!

Great Jose Sanchez
2078 2 ave apt 17c
Ny .Ny. 10029
Dear congress member

On September 11, 2001 New York men and women of the National Guard responded to orders to the World Trade Center Ground Zero attack ,some of us spent up to four months Ground Zero, now a lot of men and women getting sick and are Dying as a result of the exposure of Ground Zero. The VA says this is not a service-connected activation because we were under orders by the state NYS therefore the NY state is responsible for our medical and Financial compensation, and The National Guard cannot file a workers claim due to a 1939 law that prohibits National Guard to file Worker’s Comp. claims while on state orders. The victims compensation fund gives the minimum financial compensation for their lost because the va and the state are recognizing the men and women of the national guard who are now getting sick. I now have pulmonary disease chronic bronchitis, sleep Apnea, COPD asthma emphysema and not to mention 2 tumors that doctors are monitoring. Soon after 9/11 I volunteered to go to Afghanistan as a soldier and first responder I feel that I’ve been tossed aside to be forgotten , and the only difference between me and those firemen is a uniform.

The solution is simple to this, is to have Congress reversed the state orders convert them to title10 federal orders so those men and women of the National Guard first responders can get medical help and compensation through our VA administration and addition eliminate the 1939 law in New York that prohibits your National Guard to claim Worker’s Comp. on the state orders our men and women of the national guard deserves better than this. This was a national attack not a NYC attack and as a soldier I responded.

Jose Sanchez
9175494421 Maybe we can add this on it’s going in front of congress soon

I truly believe, if not for the efforts, and repeated reminders, threats, and protests, from your firm especially, as well as our celebrity supporters, and the brothers, and sisters themselves…………the feds would have let these issues fall by the wayside………their promises along with them……..I urge all politicians to go to the tape, and watch with your own eyes, the promises made on 9/11, and the rants about never forgetting…….those words mean something to the first responders,…..and all we ever asked for, was what was promised us……that we would mot be forgotten……..TY MIKE…..B/C of you that promise seems like it will be kept

I am proud to be represented by the Law Firm Of Barasch & McGarry.
Not only have they done the greatest job in representing myself but thousands of others with the utmost respect, dignity and humility that we all deserve. Up until I met Mr. Barasch I never thought too highly of lawyers but he’s not only a genuine person with a great heart. His staff has always welcomed me with open arms and have made me feel like a part of their family. That even with my ailments there are many others that are also suffering like myself in silence and that his firm , “LORD BLESS THEM” has not forgotten the fallen nor the survivors. He and his firm has been battling all the lawmakers whom we call congress, Endless battles because they feel that oh well the Zadroga Bill has been drained so therefore let’s forget the survivors they at least are living . And with that we should be thankful. Well Congress we survivors not only live with our ailments but also live with the heavy reminder of the many that perished that day and till this day continue to do so As Ray & Luis have. Wake Up Congress and stop the selfish acts of your fellow colleagues and help us survivors at least know that we’re not forgotten. It’s time for action and for you to stop the fighting over numbers and start listening to our voices that represent us. The Firm Barasch & McGarry are our voices because unlike you politicians they have been battling with us and never have stopped. Make us Americans proud to be Americans and cut through the red tape and give us a fighting chance. That second chance that we not only deserve but that our fallen brethren didn’t have. And know Congress the marching will not stop the letters will not stop. And Thanks To The Firm Of Barasch & McGarry our voices will continue to be heard and not ignored nor are they gonna give up on not only those congress considers survivors .But the families and friends as well of the many fallen heroes and the many survivors whom have seen themselves like myself deteriorating throughout these 18years. May Ray & Luis Rest In Peace . And hopefully their loss will serve as an eye opener. Start listening to our voices in which we’ve entrusted to represent us . Stop the numbers game and cut through the red tape. And give us a fighting chance that many others did not have.

Thanks Barasch McGarry, and th he rest of the attorneys. I beat the C in 2017, but it decided to make an uninvited return, Merkel cell carcinoma stage 4, in Liver and Pancreas. I’m gonna kick its ass but it’s a rare C and one finally tied into 9/11, let’s keep fighting for our families to be able to survive if we dont make it.

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