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Hearing Loss: Primary Blast Injury Ear Bilateral is Accepted as a World Trade Center-related Illness

January 8, 2018 | Mariya Atanasova

Firefighters across the nation have long suspected that the excessive noise produced by the sirens of their emergency vehicles dramatically impacts their hearing. However, only few have sought treatment for their audible injuries caused by the 9/11 primary blast at Ground Zero.

The ear is the most susceptible organ to primary blast injury. The effects of a severe blast such as 9/11 most commonly consist of injury to the delicate and sensitive structures of the middle and inner ear. Blast injury to the ear may result in symptoms such as tinnitus, earache, hearing loss, or vertigo. Furthermore, it has long been acknowledged that this injury is potentially incapacitating as the ear is the body’s most sensitive pressure transducer.

Notably, the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program, which provides free medical monitoring and treatment for 9/11 related health conditions, has also recognized the issue of injuries to the ears and hearing caused by the Ground Zero blast. Amongst other conditions, a member may now also be certified (approved) for treatment of Acute Traumatic Injury to the Ear. More information on WTC Health Program enrollment and eligibility criteria can be found at their website or by calling 1-888-982-4748.

If you have questions about your eligibility for benefits from the WTC Health Program or the Victim Compensation Fund, contact our experienced attorneys who have represented 9/11 responders and survivors from the outset. Call Barasch & McGarry at 888.351.9421 or contact our office online.

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