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How Do I File a Claim If I’ve Changed My Name Since 2001 or After I Filed My Claim?

June 16, 2020 | Lila Nordstrom

Many 9/11 responders and survivors went through major life changes after the attacks, and those changes may have include getting married or experiencing other life events that resulted in a legal name change. The VCF will accept claims under your new name, but requires some proof of the change.

If your name is now different from the name on your supporting documents (for example, if your school records, past leases, or other records, show you under a different name), you must include a letter with your claim that explains the discrepancy and the reason why you changed your name. With that you should include legal documentation that shows the change. Acceptable documents include court orders, marriage certificates, divorce orders, or any legal document that verifies that you’ve changed your name.

If your name has changed since you registered with the VCF or filed your claim, the process is slightly different. You should still upload a supporting document proving that your name has changed, but you must complete the Claim Information Resolution Form as well.

We’re happy to help you work through this process. Get in touch if you have questions about your unique situation!

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