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WTC Rebuild

Inspirational Art Arrives in the World Trade Center

April 13, 2015 | Michael Barasch

When the new World Trade Center commissioned artists to come in and bring some life to the new facility, they instructed them to make the artwork “unifying.” While the art doesn’t specifically depict the history of the site, there was an understanding among all of the artists that it would always be in the background of whatever art they created.

Today, while many of the floors of the new World Trade Center have yet to have tenants move in, they have now been filled with beautiful artwork. Asher Edelman, the consultant who hired the five American artists that worked throughout the building, said that his goal with all of the art was to get people to put their phones away and constantly be looking up at the awe-inspiring art in the World Trade Center.

A gigantic mural in the south lobby, for example, may be the largest painting in New York City. It measures 90 feet long by 14.5 feet tall, and it took 10 straight months of work by artist Jose Parla to complete it. The painting is a celebration of diversity, featuring eye-popping colors and lettering that almost resembles graffiti. With more than 20,000 people expected to pass through the World Trade Center lobby every day, more people will see his tremendous mural than visitors who visit the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Other paintings and sculptures are located throughout the building. The 64th floor lobby has some breathtaking panoramic views of New York City, and was a perfect site for an airship-inspired sculpture by Brian Hunt that gives the onlooker a feeling of weightlessness.

With much of the art in the building being complete, it is the latest step in the rebirth of the World Trade Center site, and a symbol of life returning to the area.

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