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No Voice Lost No Story Unheard

Introducing a New Series: ‘No 9/11 Voice Lost, No 9/11 Story Unheard’

October 23, 2020 | Michael Barasch

We are honored to introduce our new series ‘No 9/11 Voice Lost, No 9/11 Story Unheard’, sharing a multitude of experiences from our clients and the ripple effects from that tragic day nearly two decades ago. Peter W. shares his story with us:

“I was a New York City Union Laborer during the 9/11 attacks. I continued to work for a few years after the attacks occurred, but I couldn’t deal with PTSD and had a hard time working in Manhattan. Medically, I’m screwed. I’ve had bladder cancer, kidney cancer, spots on my lungs—I keep on getting sick. I can’t work, I want to work, I want to support my family, I’m broke. I’m grateful for the medical help from the World Trade Center Health Program and that most of the bills are covered. I would be dead right now if they weren’t. Barasch & McGarry got involved, the Trade Center got involved, everybody really stepped up to the plate. I think we need to stand up more, get together as construction workers to take care of us. We’re the guys that were down there working in that smoke infested pile of rubbage trying to clean that up. We need to stick up for ourselves big time.”

If you’d like to share your story, please contact us at

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