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Jon Stewart and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand applauded for Highlighting the Effort to Make the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act Permanent

July 6, 2015 | Michael Barasch

Barasch & McGarry applauds Jon Stewart and Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) for highlighting the need to reauthorize and make permanent the programs that are helping injured and ill 9/11 responders and survivors.  Mike Barasch attended the Daily Show taping with FDNY Deputy Chief Richard Alles, Attorney Noah Kushlefsky, 9/11 Advocate John Feal, and several other 9/11 sick first responders.  The link to the segment dealing with the importance of extending the Act is:–1

“I urge you to watch it and share the link with your family, friends and other responders”, said Barasch. 

“Massive thanks are due to Jon Stewart and his guest, the tireless Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, for the Daily Show episode last night in which they highlighted the need to fully fund the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act—and make it permanent.” said Richie Alles.

“During the interview, Jon Stewart asked the Senator, ‘Who is against this bill?’   He demanded the names of those politicians who are against the bill.  “This is the most galling example of legislators removed from the purpose of their job”, said Stewart.

Senator Gillibrand wouldn’t give Stewart the names of politicians who hadn’t yet supported the extension, but she urged all citizens to call their representatives today. “This is an issue of conscience. We must stand up and do the right thing.  Please call you congress members.  The only time anything works in Washington is when regular people stand up and demand action”, said Gillibrand.

Gillibrand reminded Stewart that the current Zadroga Act is expiring in October.  “1,700 people have died since 9/11, including more police officers than the number of police who died on the day of the attacks.  4,000 others are currently suffering with horrible cancers”, she said. 

Alles summed it up perfectly:   “We must all work to ensure that ‘Never Forgetting 9/11’ is not just a hollow political statement, but something that Members of Congress are in fact committed to doing,” Alles said.

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