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Michael Barasch Joined Jon Stewart at 9/11 Event at WTC Museum

December 19, 2016 | Michael Barasch

Mike Barasch joined comedian and 9/11 activist Jon Stewart, as well as Rich Alles of “9/11 Health Watch” and John Feal of the “Feal Good Foundation” on Sunday, December 18th at the WTC Museum.  Stewart hosted a Live Facebook event to bring awareness to the WTC Health Program which provides free medical monitoring and treatment –not only to 9/11 responders, but to downtown residents and office workers.  Stewart interviewed several responders and cancer survivors who have received free health care and significant compensation from the Victim Compensation Fund. Stewart’s message:  spread the word to anyone in the country who lived or worked south of Canal Street.  “It would be foolish not to register with the Health Program.”

To watch the interview, please visit

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