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Michael Barasch Warns About Misleading Article About New Rules for Filing Claims With the 9/11 Compensation Fund

NYC Map of Exposure Zone

Michael Barasch, whose law firm represented James Zadroga and currently represents more sick 9/11 responders and local residents and workers that any other firm in the country, warned that the article in is misleading (article has since been removed from site).

Barasch said: “While Congress did in fact extend the Victim Compensation Fund to the end of 2020, it is important that everyone understands that new cancer claims must be registered within 2 years of the date of the cancer diagnosis. 68 Cancers, including skin cancer, have been linked to the WTC toxic dust. Everyone who worked or lived below Canal Street from 9/11/01 to May, 2002 is eligible for compensation if they are diagnosed with a certified illness. Everyone should also register with the WTC Health Program.”

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