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New Important Deadline Approaches for VCF Candidates

Deadlines are of critical importance for anyone who potentially has a Victims Compensation Fund claim. However, as each important deadline passes, a new one seems to appear on the horizon. This has caused many people to rush or panic unnecessarily, or worse, to erroneously believe they have lost the opportunity to pursue compensation. However, the sheer number of applicable deadlines means you should never assume you lost the opportunity without first consulting an attorney.

While the general deadline to register for participation in the VCF has come and gone, the program may still be open to certain people who have not yet registered. Currently, the next crucial deadline on the horizon is October 12, 2014, an important deadline the Special Master highlighted in her July 3, 2014 message. If you meet the following criteria, this upcoming deadline may apply to you:

  • You were diagnosed with a type of cancer the VCF lists as a presumptively covered condition.
  • Your diagnosis occurred on or before October 12, 2012.
  • You meet the physical presence requirement and other VCF criteria.
  • You have not yet registered for participation in the VCF.

Some types of cancer, including prostate cancer, were added subsequently to the initial list of cancers and individuals with those diagnoses may not be subject to this deadline. However, there is no reason to delay if you believe you may qualify for VCF compensation. Our attorneys at Barasch McGarry Salzman & Penson can evaluate your claim and assist you with every aspect of the compensation process.

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