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Victim Compensation Fund

Sonstein Sunday – Continuing Our Efforts in Washington, D.C.

May 6, 2019 | Michael Barasch

Retired FDNY Deputy Chief Rich Alles and Mike Barasch were interviewed on Q104.3 by Shelli Sonstein on Sunday. We discussed our efforts and strategy to extend the VCF. We are going back down to D.C. at the end of the month, and then again in June. We will continue these trips until Congress does the right thing.

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33 replies on “Sonstein Sunday – Continuing Our Efforts in Washington, D.C.”

I can’t thank you enough Mr. Barasch and for Mr. Alles work on my behalf. Also, for all of us that suffer from different ailments from 9-11. Thank you for you and your teams hard work. I appreciate it, more than words can describe.

Thomas Mandel

To cut the VCF fund would be a tragedy to the thousands of first responders and volunteers that gave their lives and risked their well being to help and assist in the 911 rescue and clean up efforts. I am a retired NYPD Officer that was there at Ground Zero to help in the searchand rescue, and clean up efforts. I was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. It would be a travesty of justice to truncate the monies that are funding the VCF, victims like myself and families of the victims of 911. When we went down there we didn’t hold back, we gave everything we had. We gave our ALL. Congress don’t hold out on us. VCF deserves 100% funding.

Can you send me information on how I can get in touch with all of the members in Congress regarding the extension of funding for The WTC Fund. The e-mail addresses and a sample letter would be most appreciative .I would also like to mail a personal letter as well.

Keep fighting for us we were there when they needed us now we need them we are all getting sick I really hope that you understand this thank you again very much for your time please keep us all informed natal

Thanks Michael for being paasionate about the victims and their families. God bless everyone who lends support in the cause. It is very painful to have experienced trauma physically mentally and emotionally but in getting rightful justice at least leaving this world could be peaceful.

Thankyou Michael for all you have done protecting the benefits for all FDNY member who were at the WTC site and also for the civilians and others who searched or lived within the boarders of the hazard areas. I have left messages with Senators Rubio and Scott, Fla.

Frightening to think what would go through the minds of future first responders if they thought the government would turn its back on them in the event they were injured or became ill due to their heroics.

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