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    A New Year’s Message from Michael Barasch

    By Michael Barasch

    As we approach 2023, I want to sincerely thank you for everything you do for the 9/11 community, in particular spreading the word to the forgotten victims of 9/11.  Because of clients like you, thousands of retired responders, family members who have lost loved ones, as well as downtown residents, workers and former students have […]

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  • 9/11 InjuriesCOVID-19First Responders

    Honor 9/11 Responders by Remaining Vigilant in the Fight Against COVID-19

    By Michael Barasch

    The desire to return to normal life after nearly a year of quarantine, home schooling and business shutdowns is stronger than ever. News that multiple vaccines are on the way is exciting, but health care authorities still caution that America is headed into a dark winter with COVID-19 cases spiking to higher levels than ever. […]

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    Jon Stewart Presents “Brothers Before Others” Ally Award to Mike Barasch

    By Michael Barasch

    Jon Stewart presented Mike Barasch with the annual Ally Award, given by “Brothers Before Others”, a wonderful charitable organization that helps responders deal with fatalities and mental illness.  Mike was honored for his “tireless efforts supporting the 9/11 Community.” Jon’s kind words of introduction were “You know an event is special when an attorney is […]

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    July 29, 2021 Deadline Confronts 9/11 Community

    By Michael Barasch

    With the start of the new year comes a new and critically important deadline for all members of the 9/11 community: July 29, 2021. Ordinarily, claimants with 9/11-related illnesses – which include 68 different types of cancer and dozens of respiratory conditions – must register with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund within two years of their […]

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    9/11 Survivors Urge Public to Wear Masks

    By Michael Barasch

    In the aftermath of September 11, some New Yorkers wore masks as worry began to spread about the dust hanging in the air in the areas around Ground Zero. In the years following the attacks, we found out that people were right to be worried, as more and more survivors developed respiratory problems and cancers […]

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  • Were You There?

    If you were in Lower Manhattan on 9/11 or in the 8 months that followed, you may be eligible for compensation through the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. Call us at 888-351-9421 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

  • July 4th: So much to be grateful for

    Victim Compensation Fund

    July 4th: So much to be grateful for

    By Michael Barasch

    On America’s 243rd birthday, we have so much to be grateful for. Over 70 Senators and 300 Representatives in the House have now agreed to co-sponsor the bipartisan legislation that would fully fund and permanently extend the Victim Compensation Fund. I assure you that we won’t stop fighting until the battle is won. It is […]

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