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The Nurses Are Our Heroes

May 11, 2020 | Michael Barasch

As you may know, this month is National Nurses month. This year in particular it has taken on a whole new meaning. These underappreciated nurses who have been at the front lines of this pandemic are our heroes. We will never be able to repay them for risking their lives every day to protect us. Thousands of them have come from all over the country to attend to sick New Yorkers. What we can do and should do is show them our gratitude.

Please enjoy this video highlighting the Barasch McGarry Health Care Workers Lunch Program. We are grateful to have donated over 1,300 lunches to nurses at hospitals in the NYC area; all from local restaurants. And, we’ll continue doing it. Look at the expressions on the faces of the nurses when they realize that they don’t have to eat their lunch out of a vending machine!

We made this video in honor of every nurse who is putting their life on the line, now and always. It is remarkable and inspiring to see how, when confronted with a crisis, these nurses voluntarily dropped everything to help total strangers. God bless them all.

We continue to be inspired by our health care professionals and the selfless efforts they make every day. We’ve also donated more than 50,000 masks to every firehouse across New York City, police officers at 37 NYPD precincts, sanitation workers, correction officers, Port Authority officers, and other front line workers who are going to work every day and selflessly risking their own safety. I thank the countless active and retired responders who have helped us deliver the masks to those who need them.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this video.

Be safe!

The Barasch & McGarry Family

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9 replies on “The Nurses Are Our Heroes”

Michael., Timothy Hill, it so nice to get these updates, from you and your firm. Honestly Michael if I was a healthy man that I used to be before the cancer I would be right beside you handing out those lunches to the nurses . Because you are Wright they are hero’s, not everyone gose to work every day knowing if it could be there last day doing what they Love to Do. Helping and saving people’s lives. Like the Fire , Police ect at 911. I and you make decisions every day in our lives , what to wear what to eat , ect . But what helps me make my decisions in my life is easy. The morning of 911, watching those people in those buildings , Make there last decision either they were going to burn to death, or Jump 100 floors down. Now if you ask me our decisions in life, are not that hard. So yes any person that make a Decision and go to work where there is Harm . , are Heroes. To see your firm and yourself help them in any way . God bless you for your efforts and kindness. You and your firm are heroes to. Thank you ❤️

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