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Victim Compensation Fund

VCF Claims Management System (CMS) Helps Law Firms More Effectively Represent Their Clients

October 2, 2014 | Michael Barasch

Substantiating a Victim Compensation Fund Claim, both initial eligibility as well as amount of compensation, is an extremely paper-intensive task. A thorough presentation can require reams of documents ranging from medical records to tax returns, utility bills, deeds, leases, pay stubs, time sheets and much, much more. Keeping track of all this material and keeping it well organized is a monumental task. Fortunately, the administrators at VCF have empowered attorneys to more effectively and thoroughly represent their clients through the claims process by instituting the electronic Claims Management System (CMS).

The VCF launched the Claims Management System (CMS) in October of 2011 and has made numerous improvements since that time. Attorneys and their staffers can use CMS to interact with VCF administrators in a variety of ways:

  • Upload registration information for claimants
  • Modify claims that have already been submitted
  • Check on the status of pending claims

This system was developed and has been improved through close interaction with law firms that represent VCF claimants. The Special Master regularly receives feedback and suggestions from major VCF law firms and has gone to great lengths to enhance the ability of all firms that handle these cases and to efficiently process VCF claims for the good of the claimants.

While legal representation certainly is not required to pursue a VCF claim, one cannot put a price on the benefit of having the assistance of someone who has done it before when navigating the process. Working with an attorney at Barasch & McGarry removes the stress and uncertainty of pursuing a VCF claim, ensures your application materials are complete and ready for disposition, and ultimately gives you the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

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