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WTC Health Program

What is the Nationwide Health Program Network?

April 28, 2020 | Lila Nordstrom

Though everybody in the 9/11 survivor community was in New York on the day of the attacks or the months that followed, thousands of the former responders, as well as office workers, residents and students, no longer live or work in the New York City area. Those now outside the City can still access care through the World Trade Center Health Program by choosing to see doctors through the Nationwide Provider Network (NPN).

In the New York metropolitan area, the WTC Health Program offers care at specific Centers of Excellence, treatment centers housed at local hospitals that manage and provide care to the 9/11 survivor community in the area. Former residents and office workers who now live in other parts of the state and nation get their care a little differently – they see doctors credentialed through the Nationwide Health Program Network, which connects WTC patients to doctors near them no matter where in the nation they live. The program is managed by Logistics Health Inc. (LHI) and contracts with doctors through United Healthcare’s network. Though the program is managed a little differently, the Nationwide Health Program Network offers the same kinds of care as the New York program. You can find out the location of their clinics by calling 877-498-2911.

No matter which program you’re applying to, the application process is the same. If you are a New York based responder, you can receive treatment and annual exams at Mount Sinai Hospital (Manhattan and Staten Island), or at Northwell Health, SUNY at Stony Brook (Nassau and Suffolk Counties), or at Rutgers University’s WTC clinic in New Jersey. If you were a firefighter with the FDNY, you are entitled to treatment and annual exams at the Bureau of Health Services (BHS) at Metrotech.

If you are a New York based survivor, you can elect to participate in the programs at Bellevue Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, Stony Brook Hospital, Elmhurst Hospital, or the William Street clinic (operated by LHI). If those venues aren’t convenient, you can choose to see your doctors through the nationwide program. Patients are able to transfer between the Nationwide Health Program and the New York program once a year.

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