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Victim Compensation Fund

Why the Need for Proof? Preventing Fraud

February 17, 2014 | Michael Barasch

Although the need to prove any money claim is self-evident, the WTC Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) and other disaster relief funds are particularly susceptible to fraud. As federal, state and nonprofit agencies rush relief to affected cities, areas and people, there are always those ready to take advantage of loosely monitored good will. 

Preventing fraud is one of the reasons for the supporting documents required to process a claim for compensation from the VCF. At present, the following types of proof are required when completing a claim to the VCF: 

  • Proof of presence on a 9/11 site
  • Substantiation of injury on or from 9/11 activities
  • Proof of withdrawal from 9/11-associated legal actions
  • Verification of economic loss and disability 

With a decade having passed since the disaster, valuable corroborating evidence may be lost. The Special Master accepts sworn affidavits as proof of presence on a 9/11 site to verify a 9/11-related injury or disease. The necessary components of an affidavit include the following: 

  • Statement of association with the individual for which the affidavit is being sworn
  • Description, with as much detail as possible, of the times, locations and activities of the subject of the affidavit
  • Reason the subject was present on a 9/11 site
  • Full contact information of the individual 

Lack of supporting documentation or proper information slows processing of claims to the VCF. Authenticating claims ensures compensation is awarded appropriately, especially considering the cap on monies available to all victims. 

Proof helps prevent fraud. If you have questions about your VCF claim, seek experienced legal counsel.

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