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Firefighters Group Shreds Politicians Who Denied Zadroga Bill Support

Firefighters are tired of the empty rhetoric of politicians who claim to support the heroism of the first responders but who consistently refuse to support the extension of the Zadroga Act, which would continue medical treatment for those who have been diagnosed with WTC illnesses.  Too many politicians have made flowery speeches honoring the sacrifices made by the first responders, but when it comes to voting for the extension, they have either said “no” or remain silent.  This is outrageous and hypocritical.

The extension would also ensure that Victim Compensation Fund claimants get paid 100% of their compensation award determinations, rather than the 45% that they will get without such an extension.  To find out whether your Senators or Representative is one of those honest or hypocritical politicians, visit the website of the Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act.  On the right side of the home page, you will see a tab called “Contact Congress/Take Action”.  Click on that tab to see if your representatives are being honest and supportive.  To date, 190 Congressional Representatives and 57 Senators have pledged their support.  We are getting close but we aren’t there yet.  We need 28 more representatives and three more Senators in order to get this bill passed.  Please find out if your own representative is on board.  If not, call them now!

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