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Voices of September 11th Information Forum

September 10, 2015 | Michael Barasch

Attorneys Mike Barasch and Noah Kushlefsky were invited to speak at a
Voices of September 11th Forum.  They joined the  Victim Compensation
Fund’s (VCF) Special Master Sheila Birnbaum, and the VCF’s NY Director
Fran Gottfried.  The four discussed the progress that the VCF has made
since Congress passed the Zadroga Health & Compensation Act in 2011.

They also highlighted the threat that there won’t be enough money to
compensate all victims.   Barasch urged those in attendance to call their
Congressional representatives and urge them to support the extension of
the Zadroga Act, which is set to close in Oct. 2016.   Kushlefsky praised
the VCF for making significant awards and for expediting claims on behalf
of those who are dying so that the claimants who are “in extremis”
hopefully learn their awards before they pass away. Thanks to expediting
claims, the VCF has been able to give hundreds of claimants  comfort
knowing that their families will be financially secure.

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