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Failure to Reauthorize Zadroga Bill is Congress’ Shame (Editorial)

The Staten Island Advance has published a scathing editorial criticizing hypocritical politicians for failing to support the extension of the Zadroga Act.  With so many first responders and local residents diagnosed with life-threatening cancers that have been linked to the toxic World Trade Center dust, it is a disgrace that Congress hasn’t done the right thing by these men and women, whose only mistake was believing the Government when it said that “the air is safe.”

Michael Barasch, attorney for the Zadroga family, as well as thousands of other sick first responders, applauded the newspaper’s editors for its blunt attack on the politicians who merely spout rhetoric that sounds nice in speeches, but who fail to vote in favor of extending health care and compensation for those who are sick and dying.

Posted on  October 05, 2015
Read the full article here:

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