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  • 9/11 Injuries

    Memory and Memorialization

    By Michael Barasch

    Every year on September 11, the memories come flooding back. Some remember the horror of watching the events unfold on TV — or while standing in the street below. Some remember their own survival and the joy of reuniting with loved ones. And some remember the moment they knew their loved one was not coming […]

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  • Zadroga Act

    Why Should 9/11 Illness Victims Use an Attorney to File a Zadroga Act Claim?

    By Michael Barasch

    Thousands of people who survived the attacks of September 11, 2001 — at the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania — have unfortunately contracted illnesses and injuries because they were in that vicinity at that time. But thanks to an act of Congress, there are funds available to help […]

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  • Victim Compensation FundZadroga Act

    WTC Healthcare by the Numbers

    By Michael Barasch

    Every quarter, the Centers for Disease Control publishes a report that gives a picture of the activities of the World Trade Center Health Program. The program was created as part of the Zadroga Act to provide free health monitoring and treatment for responders and survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Those eligible to enroll include […]

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  • Uncategorized

    The Cancers Left Out in the Cold

    By Michael Barasch

    Now that prostate cancer has been added to the list of illnesses covered by the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, those afflicted with cancers not yet recognized as 9/11-related may feel a renewed hope that their form of cancer may follow suit. Unfortunately, for some forms of cancer, even if that recognition comes, it […]

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  • Zadroga Act9/11 Injuries

    9/11 Volunteers Eligible for Medical Treatment Benefits

    By Michael Barasch

    In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, it has become a well-known fact that first-responders and other workers at the cleanup of the fallen World Trade Center towers were exposed to dangerous toxins in the debris and dust. Many were affected in the days and months following 9/11. However, many more have and are likely […]

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  • Deadline Alert

    9/11 claims for compensation and benefits have specific windows of eligibility for victims and their families. Register now to ensure your claim is filed accurately and within the proper window. Call us at 888-351-9421 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

  • Victim Compensation Fund

    Ground Zero and Cancer: The Surprising Side

    By Michael Barasch

    As the years have gone by since the 9/11 disaster, studies have repeatedly demonstrated an increased rate of many cancers among emergency responders and other survivors who had breathed the toxic dust at Ground Zero. Except one. Somewhat surprisingly, statistics show 9/11 responders have experienced a lower rate of lung cancer than would be expected […]

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