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Portrait of Attorney Susanna Hoffman

Susanna Hoffman



11 Park Place
18th Floor
New York, New York 10007

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Susanna Hoffman is an Associate at Barasch & McGarry handling 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund claims.

Susanna started at Barasch & McGarry doing claims administration for the firm’s clients who suffer from a variety of cancers and illnesses linked to 9/11. When asked why she wanted to become an attorney at Barasch & McGarry, she responded: I really wanted a workplace where I would have the best possible opportunity to help people. This is it. Without exception, I think that everyone here wants to do their best to help those responders, residents, and family members affected by 9/11. Michael, all the partners and attorneys, and all the staff, continually and tirelessly work to help those who helped us here in NY, and across the country, recover during that time. I know that this is a great workplace to do my best to help others.

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